• The energy-saving switch IK 8810/004 and IK 8813 is a combination from time and remote control switch. It allows to switch off the lighting before the set time has lapsed
  • The hybrid switching relay hat an output relay with a parallel connected triac. In the moment of switching the triac carries the load. The continuous current, however, is carried by the relay contact because of the triac’s higher power loss.
    Because the triac only cuts off in the zero crossing of the phase voltage this device is only suited for switching AC loads.
  • The mains relay is used to cut off the mains voltage when the electrical loads are switched off. When the loads are switched off this device applies an extra-low a.c. voltage of approx. 3 V to the mains line and the current is monitored. When the current exceeds the threshold of the device because a load is switched on the phase voltage (230 V AC) is switched through.